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Your Top Questions About Our Services

Q: What services does HIBIKI learn offer?

HIBIKI entertainment specialises in game, business development development, asset publishing and consulting, by providing an on-demand service via HIBIKI learn. Our learning platform bridges skill gaps, supports developers in creating robust frameworks, and incorporates community features for improved learning and engagement. We also provide 1:1 sessions and events for additional learning opportunities and experiences.

Q: Can I access HIBIKI learn's learning resources on a one-time payment basis?

Yes, we want to stay flexible for our users so we have both Memberships with a Monthly or Annual fee to access lots of content or you can pick and choose on a per-content or bundle basis that you want lifetime access to with  one-time payments.

Q: How can I benefit from HIBIKI entertainment's consultancy services?

Part of HIBIKI network; Our bespoke consultancy service, we also want this to naturally flow into the HIBIKI learn platform where we aim to guide game developers, businesses, and individuals in achieving their goals, whether it's enhancing game development projects or improving skills through advice and filling many business development skill gaps with re-useable frameworks.

Q: Does HIBIKI learn offer learning resources for both beginners and advanced professionals

Absolutely! HIBIKI entertainment caters to individuals at all skill levels, providing resources that cater to beginners looking to learn Unity and advanced professionals seeking to enhance their skills and teams further.
Professionals can benefit from team-wide training resources as well as 1:1 sessions and consultancy though HIBIKI network or HIBIKI learn.